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Commercial Brokerage

Many Commercial / Investment Brokers will tour the length and breadth of their global networks or experts they have on staff to track and forecast market trends to acquire or dispose of performing assets. At Horizons Asset Management, however, we feel each client and each transaction has its own set of nuances and desired outcomes that set them apart from one another.

Our strategies have no template or rigid, “boiler-plate” presentations, but starts with the key element that is so many times absent in the today’s marketplace. As opposed to glitz glamour, we feel that 90% of the success in the demands of our clients starts something as simple and yet, revolutionary as—listening to what YOU have say! For example, if you were planning a vacation, there must be countless ways to route the trip rather it be 100 miles or 10,000 miles. There is no straight-line. There is no “one size fits all” in getting from Point A to Point B and commercial / investment brokerage is no different.

Some of our clientele would like to get there as fast as possible, while others like the “Robert Frost approach” in taking the road less travelled and to paraphrase ‘it has made all the difference.’ At Horizon’s Asset Management, we sometimes find there IS no road that has been travelled based on the client’s goals. When that happens…..we build one!